Getting to Corfu

By plane from Europe

From beginning April until the end of October many charter flights from all-over Europe fly daily to Corfu.

British Airways, Transavia, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swissair, KLT, LOT, Malev and many more Airlines Companies, operate several Flights Charters every day, to and from Corfu island. Also cheap charter flights are a good option to travel with. Eeasyjet, TUI, Monarch, Thomascook, ryanair , Airberlin have compatible rates.

By plane from Athens

If you are flying to Athens International Airport there are scheduled flights to Corfu several times a day operated by Aegean Air, also in winter time. The trip takes less than an hour. There are also directly domestic flights from Thessaloniki City (Salonica).

By ferry from Italy

In case you want to travel by car then this possible from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, Trieste or Venice in Italy. Most of the ferries go to Igoumenitsa and then to Patra.

From Igoumenitsa (on the mainland) there are ferries almost every hour to Corfu and the trip takes about one and a half hour while the trip from Brindisi is about 9 hours. Ancona is about 16 hours and Venice around 25 hours.

There are several different ferry lines that compete. Most of the boats are pretty nice, especially the new ones owned by Minoan, Strintzis, Superfast and Anek, Blue Stars, Ventouris. If you are going by deck then you can buy your ticket when you get to Italy. But if you want a cabin or have a car then it is best to book in advance during high season. You can buy tickets leaving Corfu from any of the agencies on the island.

Getting to Corfu by bus

Another way to come to Corfu is by bus from Athens to Igoumenitsa, then from Igoumenitsa to Kerkyra or Lefkimi by Ferry-Boat. There are daily departures from Athens Bus terminal (KTEL, 100 Kifissou str, Athens) to Corfu. Tickets are about €50 and should be bought in advance if you want to be assured of a seat. The distance from Athens to Igoumenitsa is about 500 km and the trip lasts 7-8 hours. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu, the trip lasts about one and a half hour. Tickets are about €8 per persons and €40 for Cars. There are also daily departures from Salonica Bus terminal to Igoumenitsa. The trip from Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa lasts about 4 hours. Tickets are about €30. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimmi port.

Transport on Corfu Island

On the island Corfu you can use the Blue buses for Corfu Town, to the harbour and airport and suburbs. Further there are Green Buses that go to other areas on the island. In and around Corfu town by taxi is the easiest way to get around, agree on the fare beforehand. Hiring a car in Corfu is the most popular way to get around and there are numerous car rental companies around the island, but cars may be difficult to get in high season; it is best to book with a rental company prior to arrival. Of course we can be of assistance with finding a reliable company for you. Mopeds and motorbikes are easily available for hire in Corfu.

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