Best time to visit Corfu

When to visit Corfu island

Corfu is an island particularly suitable for holidays all-round the year but spring and fall are in particular very pleasant.

Spring (March – May) is impressive and offers the visitor the privilege to enjoy the orgy of vegetation and colors. The temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees . Easter is a magnificent celebration with lots of events that make Corfu famous all over Greece. It is the perfect time to explore the island either by foot, bicycle, sailing or car. Maybe swimming will be still a little bit chilly but relaxing on the almost empty beaches is a privilege.

Summer (July – August) is the most popular season; with temperatures around 30 degrees; Corfu disposes of picturesque beaches and its crystal clear waters invite the visitors to swim, snorkel and dive and forget all about work and trouble. You will find a large choice of restaurants and bars during the peak season.

Autumn (September – November) is the season of vintage – the period the Island gets the smell of grapes. It is the best time of the year to get to know the island’s daily life, people and nature. Sailing and biking are favorite in this period. The average temperature is 25 degrees.

Winter (December – February) is mild with relatively high temperatures (5-14°C) and sufficient sunlight (approx. 4,5 hours daily). In winter, periods of sometimes heavy rain alternate with warm, sunny days. The term Alkyonides days refers to a meteorological phenomenon of the central Greek climate. Nearly every year in the period after Christmas until the middle of January there is a non-interrupted period of days with clear blue skies and warm temperatures, which can reach more than 20°C over the day. At the end of the winter due to the mild climate on Corfu the island is a vital stopping-place for migrating birds from Africa with thousands of Flamingos and other bird species staying at the Lake Korission.

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